My style: documentarian with a little drama.

My trademark: wedding photographs that are truly one of a kind.

we're a good match if

You value quality over quantity

You aren't scared of a little PDA!

You love handwritten vows and whimsical florals

You're all about lighthearted atmospheres, simple love, and lots of kisses

You're excited for your wedding — but you're even more excited for marriage.

the  secret  sauce

documentarian approach

I happily step in when you need advice, a hug, or a quick photo prompt! But otherwise, that's it. It's that level of invisibility and awareness of what's happening on the room that lets me capture moments like this:

Fly-on-the-wall captures

Emotional accuracy


The story is in the details, the candids, the context, and in the emotions. My goal is to create a gallery full of photos that no one could have replicated unless they were there, and to accurately capture both the messy and meticulous.

You'll receive your full wedding photo gallery and prints to reminisce over and treasure for years & generations to come. And just like that, you're off to a lifetime of marriage!



It's your wedding day! I've got your back whether it comes to capturing your first look, vow books, or your nephew's jaw-dropping dance moves.

the big day


After we chat, I'll send over a custom-tailored proposal with all your photography and print services. And if you opt for an engagement session, this is when it'll happen!

it's all custom


Send a message my way! Let me know your wedding date and venue & tell me who you are. We'll hop on a phone call and talk logistics, ideas, and everything in between!

reach out


the wedding experience