Count it all joy, walk it out as worship.

I'm Sarah, and I love Jesus, and He loves me more, and His love has set the course for my life, art, and work.  My desire as your photographer and friend is to set a table for you and your story, just as God has set a table for me and mine.  No frills, just honesty and depth.

Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I consider everything that I do with (and without) my camera to be a love gift to the Lamb.

who, what, why.

About Sarah

Let life happen. Organic and pure, my work lives in the limbo between posing and documentary-style candids.  My work is cinematic and full of movement.

I care less about perfection and more about accurate emotion; less about sharpness and more about the moment; less about how you look, and more about who God says you are.  To me, art is a ministry.

I'm here to photograph the tears, the laughter, the crazy and the calm, and everything in between. Hands off, shutter on.

less frills, more feels

a little trivia

People say I'm . . .
MBTI type
Go-to coffee order
Childhood dream job
Never have I ever . . .
Dream destination

Bubbly and empathetic
1 wing 2
Iced caramel latte
Concert pianist
Been to Taco Bell