If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I love God wholeheartedly. I'm a little obsessed. He truly is my everything!

Most days, you can find me playing tag with the kiddos at my church with a guitar on my back and a film camera in hand. I study communications and sociology, journal a ton and laugh even more, and sing worship songs any and every change that I get!

let's get acquainted!

About Sarah

casual obsessions

• The stationery aisle at Target
• The book of Isaiah
• Writing worship music
• Seeing film scans in my email inbox
• Wearing bandannas in my hair
• Journaling

I photograph open-air weddings & fine art family sessions. My direction can be described as unhurried, transparent, and artful, and my heart is to tell the story that God's writing for you with all the care in the world.

My work is heavily influenced by romantic and impressionist art and music. I compose each photograph to have a dreamy, timeless, and better-as-it-ages quality to it — something you might see in a Monet painting.

less frills, more feels

about my work

a little trivia

Enneagram type
MBTI personality
Go-to coffee order
Childhood dream job
Never have I ever . . .
Dream destination

1 wing 2
Iced caramel latte
Concert pianist
Been to Taco Bell