about sarah

Based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Sarah Leying is a wedding and portrait photographer serving couples and families.  She began portrait photography at fifteen  years old and developed an eye for cohesive, atmospheric storytelling through photography.  Her wedding portfolio contains an emphasis on subtle and quiet expressions of relationship, filled with fleeting interactions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Sarah is dedicated to creating photographs that are original and gimmick-free; her attention to detail and light contribute to her portfolio of strikingly expressive, yet pure and lived-in, work.  Her wedding photography, captured on both medium format film and digital mediums, is often described as documentarian, emotive, and unique.

When Sarah is not behind the camera, she can often be found at the piano or guitar. She loves cool mornings, telling stories around a dinner table, and the sound of a film camera shutter firing.

Wedding & Portrait Photography in Chapel Hill, NC.

Pure & Expressive