Count it all joy, walk it out as worship.

I'm Sarah: in love with Jesus, walking in daughterhood, and living life constantly enthralled by the beauty of God. This is the space in which I set a table for you and your story, just as God has set a table for me and mine.

Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I consider everything that I do with (and without) my camera to be a love gift to the Lamb.

for Love

About Sarah

Let life happen. Organic and pure, my work lives in the balance between posing and documentary-style candids. I care less about perfection and more about accurate emotion; less about sharpness and more about the moment; less about pretty photos and more about the beauty of your story; less about how you look, and more about who God says you are.

I'm here to photograph the tears, the laughter, the crazy and the calm, and everything in between. Hands off, shutter on.

less frills, more feels

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