Organic, pure, and atmospheric wedding photography


My style: documentarian with a little drama.

My trademark: once-in-a-lifetime, cinematic wedding photographs.

Let life happen.

I care less about perfection and more about immersion; less about sharpness and more about the moment; less about how you look, and more about who you are.

I'm here to photograph the tears, the laughter, the crazy and the calm, and everything in between.  Hands off, shutter on.

less frills, more feels.

Wedding work

A storyteller's eye + organic, unforced direction = pure and atmospheric photographs.

Storyteller's eye: As a photographer with a cinematic style, I know how to make split-second decisions while taking a photograph that will define what story your gallery tells — a must-have skill to have when I'm in a room with you and all of the people who are the most important to you.

Organic and unforced direction: I guide and prompt rather than pose stiffly.  My work flows and is full of movement.  I'd rather capture your romance in action than set it up and fake it.  I'm about the real.

Pure and atmospheric photographs:  My priority is always emotional accuracy and capturing the atmosphere of your day.  I describe my work as pure because I strive to let my work only be moved by your story, rather than by flashy gimmicks or trends.



frequently asked


can you define documentary?

I am hands-off during the moving moments of your day: no staging, no forcing, no faking, no rushing. I seek to be as unobstrusive as possible on a wedding day, capturing moments that would be otherwise forever missed, and I photograph everything honestly.

do you shoot film or digital?

Both. I love film and believe it should guide modern digital photography. I also offer a film-only option.

will you photograph my destination wedding?

I sure will! I am based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and am available for a limited number of destination weddings each year. Send an email my way and let's talk details!

how will I know if we're a good fit?

The inquiry process is exactly for this! Those initial emails and phone calls are just as much for you as for me; if I believe that another photographer's style would serve you better, I'll let you know, and vice versa. It's of utmost importance to me that you have a photographer who can serve you best.

what's your pricing?

For weddings, you can view my pricing guide here! For couples, families, and other portrait sessions, send an email my way and I'll send you my info.

what sets your work apart?

I am anti-cookie cutter when it comes to the moving moments of a wedding day. My goal is to create photos that are so unique to you and your day that they cannot be replicated, and my priority is providing you with powerful and personal photographs over prettily packaged ones.