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I'm Sarah Leying: friend of God, photographer of marriage & family, and hopeless romantic. On this journal, I share my recent work, experiences, and personal journey with Jesus, art, heritage, and learning to capturing the nuance of Love and life in still photographs.

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UNC Chapel Hill Grad Photos: 2024 Roundup

When you photograph as many UNC grad photo sessions every spring as I do, it’s easy to begin working off mental templates and shot lists. I realized this a year ago when my grad sessions started looking the same: reliable, but a little too reliable. So I made it my mission this year to make each grad photo session distinct and a little funky! Here are my favorite photos from this past UNC grad season.

In-between “detail shots” are a game changer. They’ve quickly become the most distinctive marker of my UNC grad photos. These sessions became so much fun for me when I realized I could approach them the same way that I do weddings: as stories told through a full, cohesive gallery rather than all separate images.

Wilson Library UNC Chapel Hill grad photo

This shot above ^ of Katie quickly became a favorite! It’s just a little funky and different from usual UNC grad photos. Consider me a fan.

I’d love to get to meet you in front of my lens! If you’re interested in booking me for your grad session this coming winter or spring, inquire here or send me an email at Spring fills up particularly quickly, so send a message my way to reserve your spot on my calendar.

P.S. Remember, UNC grads get a heavy discount on grad sessions. Go heels! ;)