I'm Sarah: friend of God, photographer of marriage & family, and hopeless romantic. On this journal, I share my recent work, education for photographers, and personal journey with Jesus, art, heritage, and learning to capturing the nuance of Love and life in still photographs.

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Personal Documentary: Food and Family, Part 1

One of my greatest joys from behind a camera is personal documentary photography. The mundane turns magical, the routine turns rare, the every day moments become fleeting moments that I swell with pride to have captured. The older I get (although I am admittedly still very young), the more I treasure having photographs of this current phase of life, with the people around me. I wish that I had many more of the past, but I can make sure that I don’t have those regrets in the future.

I encourage you to pick up a camera (that includes your phone or the old 2000s digital camera in your attic) and begin photographing your seemingly mundane life and family through a personal documentary perspective. Get creative! One day, these will be some of the most beautiful, precious photos that you have to remember the here and now.

I will be showcasing many of these tomorrow at a gathering for Asian artists, hosted by the incredible Lunchbox NC. You can read more about my passion for capturing family roots and cultural stories on my About page. In the meantime, enjoy this selection of some of my favorites from recent in-home personal documentary work.

Personal documentary photograph: teapot and tea cups on dinner table.