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Spoiler: I recently discovered that the Holga 120n is my friend when it comes to capturing nostalgic photos, and now I’m in love. The world seems to be very taken with nostalgic, grainy, and cinematic photographs lately, and rightly so. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I opened my email inbox to see […]

February 4, 2023

Nostalgic double exposure on Holga 120n

Film, Reviews, Travel and Documentary

How to Take Nostalgic Photos with the Holga 120n

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Flatlays used to feel incredibly daunting to me. I remember scrolling through Instagram, thinking “how on earth am I supposed to style these kinds of photos on rushed wedding days?!” Now, I almost always handle the flatlays and detail shots whenever I second shoot weddings. Actually, I usually end up asking to do them. So […]

July 14, 2021

Dear Photographer, Photog Tips & Tricks, Weddings

Flatlay Styling 101 for Photographers

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It took me years and years of editing to find a style that I’m content with –– but it doesn’t have to take YOU years. I’ve put together a step-by-step list for you to help you find your ideal editing style, from the perspective of a wedding and portrait photographer. Let’s go!

June 3, 2021

Dear Photographer, Photog Tips & Tricks

How To Find Your Editing Style