Personal branding is plenty nuanced, and it starts with photos. It's common knowledge that imagery and photographs lie at the heart of sharing your brand's story and purpose with the world. I photograph brand portraits for the small business owner who has their brand already established and is ready to take their photos from being Instagram feed fillers to personal, valuable, and versatile images that capture your values.


You know you're ready for new brand portraits if you're ready to go from Point A to a grounded and confident Point B.

point a                 point b

I haven't had any photos of myself to post for weeks!

*hands camera to friend to take a DIY headshot*

I'm launching a new service – but I don't have any photos of me doing it.

These photos of me look like everyone else's feed. I'm tired of the repetitive.

You've got a library of non-filler photos to reach for!

Photos of you are cohesive & point to your work.

You know what you're doing, and now you have the photos to prove it.

Your brand photos spark curiosity in your audience; they're unique to you.